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(se)® LAB will be where boutique fitness meets a professional athletic training room. Physically active people will have the resources available that professional athletes receive on a daily basis. Including, thorough rehabilitation, recovery modalities and effective personal fitness. Expect to LEARN awareness of your body, APPLY the right skills at the right times and find BALANCE to increase performance in your daily life. 

The owner, Kevan Creighton, is an Athletic Trainer with 14+ years of experience treating professional athletes. He has expanded on his Structural Elements® Orthopedic Wellness Clinic at 4529 N Oakland Ave with an elite performance staff, to the north shore community.


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(se)® LAB online is designed to bring the value that our patients experience in our clinics to you at home. (se)® LAB addresses stress management and the neurological change that happens when we're working too hard or our bodies have experienced some sort of collapse. We help you maintain healthy connective tissue and muscular balance that supports the joints. We help you see balance as a whole system, not just look at one system at a time. (se)® LAB is designed to help you achieve and maintain balance.

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