The ONE Thing Pros Do (that you can too!)

Ep 223 - The ONE Thing Pros Do (that You Can too!) ft. Douglas Bertram

Oftentimes what makes an athlete a superstar isn’t how high they jump, how fast they run or how hard they hit... it’s their ability to perform under pressure and how they take care of their body.

Sure, to be an elite athlete in peak condition requires years of hard work, a commitment to physical exertion, disciplined nutrition and relentless focus most people don’t possess but it also demands relaxation and rest.

Ever hear how professionals are able to block out the noise and just slow everything down around them? They achieve a state of FLOW. This vital trait goes much deeper than some deep breathing exercises and concentration techniques.

Today’s conversation on the Strong By Design Podcast show explores the behind the scenes world of endurance and high level athletes and all that it takes to keep the body and the mind firing on all cylinders. 


"How we regulate that stress response is everything man...regulating that autonomic nervous system is the key."

- Douglas Bertram


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