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(se)® LAB Milwaukee

(se)® LAB is where boutique fitness meets a professional athletic training room. Workout at Milwaukee’s most unique gym. Rehabilitate with the industry's best. Gain the tools for a healthier life. Get curated programs for your individual needs. (se)® LAB is set up with the best equipment, the best recovery and the best supplements. Join now with an Unlimited Membership to take advantage of everything (se)® LAB has to offer. 

(se)® LAB’s wellness professionals are the experienced, engaging and thoughtful partners you have been looking for in your wellness journey.

Move Better, Feel Stronger, Recover More, Live Well.

(se)® LAB


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(se)® LAB Memberships  

Unlimited: $250/Month for Founding Members (while they last)

Workout, recover and maintain wellness with 24/7 access. Access to thorough workouts, top fitness recovery modalities (including Normatec compression boots, INFRARED sauna and other modalities), supplements on hand for unlimited members, (se)® LAB app included and top wellness professionals. Also get appropriate treatment prior or after your session (passive stretches, guided soft tissue mobilization, hands on correctives) all INCLUDED! The perfect membership to provide you the tools to enhance your performance in work, life and sport.


Unlimited Recovery Member: $100/Month

Have 24/7 access to (se)® LAB and its recovery modalities. Including Normatec boots, INFRARED sauna and more. Recover faster, eliminate soreness and fatigue, optimize workouts, prevent overuse injury and perform at your best! Do what the pro’s do at (se)® LAB. 


Family Member Pricing

2 Members -$450
3 Members - $650
4 Members - $850
5 Members - $1000


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(se)® LAB 1:1

$100 per session

Work 1:1 with our area’s top Athletic Trainers and Strength and Conditioning Specialists to appropriately guide you through your wellness journey. Expect to LEARN awareness of your body, APPLY the right skills at the right times and find BALANCE to increase performance in work, life and sport.

(se)® LAB 1:1 sessions give individuals access to state of the art movement screenings, unique personalized workouts and all of the amenities at (se)® LAB.

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Recovery Session

$25 per session

Utilize any of the recovery modalities at (se)® LAB, including Normatec Boots, Marc Pro and the INFRARED Sauna. Wellness professionals will be available for protocol guidance and set up.

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Drop In Performance Session

$35 per session

Experience (se)® LAB and all that it has to offer with this one session pass. Have access to the best equipment and all the amenities at (se)® LAB.

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Infrared Sauna

$25 per session

Enhance your wellness journey by having access to near, mid and far infrared to help relax, heal and energize your body. At (se)® LAB a 4-person infrared sauna awaits, equipped with built in or customized programs to suit every person’s needs.

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Normatec Boots Session

$25 per session

Recover like never before. Have access to Normatec boot dynamic air compression for restorative massage. Improve your wellness, recover faster, reduce swelling and edema, improve your training and enhance performance.

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4521 N. Oakland Ave. Shorewood, WI 53211