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974: Douglas Bertram | Chinese Medicine, Handling Stress and Reaching Optimum Performance

Not getting quality sleep despite being too exhausted? That might be caused by hormonal imbalance due to adrenal fatigue.

As Douglas Bertram, CEO and Founder of Structural Elements®, explains that our adrenals act as a furnace. They provide the needed heat and resources to our body. However, if we don't manage high stress situations, they'll burn out eventually, and we'll lose the stress hormone to balance it out.


"How we regulate that stress response is everything man...regulating that autonomic nervous system is the key."

- Douglas Bertram

How important are our adrenals? 

We need them in order to properly regulate and repair body tissues. If we start to burn them out, we're going to get low energy and fatigue instead regularly.

Hear more about handling stress and reaching your optimum performance.




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