The (se)® LAB platform is designed to empower individuals, companies, teams and schools with the tools to maintain a high level of PERFORMANCE in work, life and sport.


To achieve balance we need to develop inner awareness and listen to our bodies. The body is a connected system capable of self regulation and healing.


Personal Awareness.

Health & Beauty.


The Connective Tissue or more specifically, the Fascia, is a sensory organ of communication. The Fascia links everything in the body together. hghjfhgshghgshgkghrgh

Soft Tissue Maintenance.

Pain Management.


A balanced body lowers our risk of injury and increases our ability to perform. The body is a connected system capable of self regulation and healing.


Corrective Exercises.

Sports Specific.


Our proprietary approach to treating the body in our Structural Elements® Orthopedic Wellness Clinics comes directly to people’s homes with (se)® LAB. Our understanding and expertise in how the Fascia is a mechanism to help down regulate the Autonomic Nervous System, and the tools we offer to help facilitate this, make this platform especially unique.  

Our Fascia, or Connective Tissue, is how we are, and stay, connected within our own bodies. Once connected to our own bodies we then can connect with others, and connecting with others creates balance. A balanced world is a better world.  

For every paid (se)® LAB membership, an (se)® LAB membership will be given to an individual in need. Our goal is to promote a world where people of all backgrounds develop the skills to create balance. In light of the recent global pandemic and the toll it has taken on our healthcare system we are currently focusing on donating memberships to hospital, assisted living, palliative care, and hospice nurses to help them manage burnout. We are committed to continuing to identify populations locally, nationally, and globally that need our service and resources. 

Join the Movement and Give Back!